Greenstone’s Perspectives #4


HISTORICAL.  DAY #2.  The 2nd  thousand years begins with the birth of Noah and ends with the father of Abram, who later was re-named Abraham.  Noah was born in the pre-deluge world, and died about two years before Abram was born.

Noah lived during a time of great global temperate climate. Animal and plant organisms grew large and lived long. Mankind was commanded to be vegetarian, but we must remember that the soil, climate, and therefore plants were in a perfect balance; in other words the nutrition was ‘perfect’! Disease was non-existent, and, as proven by Dr. Carl Baugh, cuts and injuries were healed completely and quickly in the 25% oxygen and 2.1 atmospheres of pressure.

Those of you who are closer to my age – mid 70’s – can remember little Jessica who fell into a well shaft in Texas. Against the desires of the Medical profession, who wanted to amputate the leg that had turned black, she was taken to a hyperbaric chamber that supplied the proper ratio of oxygen and pressure, and was completely healed, except for the little toe, in three days!  You can guess why that system is seldom used today!

Mankind wasn’t willing to live in close communion with God, and grew more carnal. Finally, God chose to work through one man, Noah, who was willing to follow God’s instruction. When Noah was about 500 years old he fathered three sons: Japheth, Shem, and Ham.  After that, they built an arc with an area about the size of two football fields. It’s hard to imagine how these three could cut the timber, build the arc with a number of floors, and hundreds of rooms, and lead the thousands of animals into it! I do not know if the family of Noah supplied the food and water for all the animals for the many months they were in the arc. God then shut the door, which is also symbolically mentioned in the New Testament, where Jesus tells of the time that His people would be taken in and “the door was shut”! (DAY #2 to be cont’d in PERSPECTIVES  #5)

EXPERIENCES. Do animals have souls? Absolutely! They were, like mankind, created spiritually first, and of course the spiritual is eternal! Solomon said it well in Ecclesiastes 3: 18-21: man and beast were created with the same breath, and go to the same place, and we have no pre-eminence over them. And an ass spoke and saved Balaam’s life, and the account is given in Numbers 22:22+. 

When our faithful Black Labrador, Jack, of 13 years got so crippled that he could no longer stand without help, I knew I had to end his life. I sent the family off to church, and mercifully ended his life. I buried him down in the woods, and then I cried. I loved him, and missed him. The family was not forgiving, and it was hard on me. We got Jack before we adopted our two girls, so he was definitely a ‘family member’.

A few days later Barbara had a dream. She saw a beautiful field with flowers, and the family was there.  Jack came running across the field in all his youthful form and vigor. He ran directly to me and he was really happy. There were no hard feelings against me, and he was happy to see me. This assured my companion and me that what I had done was the right thing. Whenever I have to take the life of steer, or deer, or any animal, I thank the animal for its life and purpose for feeding us, and know we may meet again.

SURVIVAL AND TIPS FOR LIVING. Some of you can remember the old style Christmas tinsel: they were made out of lead, and were quite brittle, so you had to be careful when you used them or stored them. We lived in northern Minnesota in an area of many lakes in 1959 when the new mylar tinsel came out. They were flashy and very limber. My mind has always been creative, and I immediately saw the tinsel could be used to attract fish.  I took a half-dozen tinsel, folded them over, and tied a lead sinker to the bend. This gave me a lure about 6’ long with a dozen flashy strips.  I took it to my ice shanty on a small lake about a quarter-mile through the woods from where we lived.

The ice shanty was painted black on the inside, and had a 4’X4’ hole through the floor, and the same sized hole chopped through the ice. The sunlight that came through the ice on the outside lit up the lake bottom, and in the darkened shanty it was like watching television. I sat on a crate, and dangled the new lure down about 4’ into the water. Immediately a couple hundred perch swarmed around this new lure!  In a couple of moments all the perch quickly headed to my left and disappeared back under the ice. Why had they gone so quickly?? What was back under the ice to my right that spooked them?

Then a large northern pike gradually came into view from the right and came up to the lure.  I waited until his head was past the center of the hole in the ice, so he couldn’t see me. I eased my spear into the water, and quickly speared him behind his head and pulled him out of the water, opened the door, and shook him off the spear and onto the ice. It was 39” long, and weighed 10½ pounds. This gave our family several good meals. This definitely is worth remembering to use as a good, inexpensive, lure.!



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Happily married 54 years to same woman; Five children, eight grandchildren and 2 great granddaughters; Over 50 years in Christian ministry. Public speaker, Researcher, Writer and publisher. Community Education Administrator, Biologist, Naturalist, Outdoor Skills. Education = B.Sci., M.A., Doctoral Fellow, VoTech Certificate. As a retired couple we raise nationally known Registered Miniature Herefords and Registered Nubian Dairy Goats. Hobbies are many but include fishing and woodworking (along with some logging and operating a band-saw mill), and teaching a variety of skills and interests.
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  1. teresa2paradise says:

    Dear Brother, you’re doing a great job, and this blogging is fun, isn’t it? Keep up the good work. Blessings to you and dear Barbara.
    Teresa at WalkingWithYahshua.

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