Greenstone’s Perspectives #26

HISTORICAL.  The Ten Commandments are given in Deuteronomy 5:6-22.  Beyond that, Moses wrote an endless stream of Statutes (rules and regulations).  The Law of Moses includes all of these.  

          A list of clean and unclean foods are found in 14:3-21.

          Rebellious sons who showed disrespect to parents were stoned to death (21:18-21).

          Persons hanged on a tree could not remain all night on the tree, but must be buried    

                   that day.  Christ’s death was an example.

          Transvestites were an abomination to the Lord (22:5).  Combining different

                    fabrics such as wool and linen, were also an abomination (22:11).

          Rules on marriage and sexual relations are found in 22:13-30, 24:1-5, and 25:5-10.     

         And going back to Leviticus 12:1-8, we see that a woman who had a male child was

                   “unclean” for 40 days, and she was unclean for 80 days if she had afemale child!

                   Nor could she come into the sanctuary! (Is this sex discrimination?!!) She would be punished with an extra 40 days of non-intimacy with her husband, and 80 days of separation from the congregation (church!)!

                  Men who had injuries to their genitals could not enter into the congregation of the Lord, neither could a bastard “even to the tenth generation.” (see 23:1-2)  (And because  I don’t know who my biological father is – I’ve had three fathers – so there’s no hope I could be of service to the Lord, according to the Law of Moses.)

          The priests were to be without blemish, and certainly if the same rules were applied today  there would be fewer ministers! Read Leviticus 21:17-21.

          The law on usury is found in 23:19-20. The law of just weights and measures in found  in 25:13-16.  Blessings for being obedient to the Law are found in 28:1-14, and  cursings are found from v.15-68.

With all of the blessings and miracles heaped upon the House of Israel, Moses informed them “Yet the Lord hath not given you an heart to perceive, and eyes to see, and ears to hear, unto this day.  And I have led you forty years in the wilderness:  your clothes are not waxen old upon you, and thy shoe is not waxen old upon thy foot” (29:4-5).  So 40 years wasn’t even enough to change the attitude of the House of Israel!

In Chapter 31 Moses says he is 120 years old, and the Lord said he could not go over to the promised land.  (His sin:  he did not praise God for bringing water from the rock, Numbers 20:4-12).

 God is definitely exact in His requirements for blessings.  Praise is very important.  Praise was an important part of a vision I had.  I saw a small group of people that were blessed with protection and peace in a time of great tribulation.  There were no gifts.   There were no burnt offerings!  They were singing songs of praise!  God was pleased with that. He simply wants our hearts! 

Which brings us to another prophecy given through Moses.  In Deuteronomy 4:30, he said, “When thou art in tribulation, and all these (destructive) things are come upon thee, EVEN IN THE LATTER DAYS…”   If you turn to God and be obedient, He is a merciful God and will remember the covenant.

There are some people who believe that the “good” people will be raptured up and only the bad  people will be left behind.  In a later PERSPECTIVES I will show 16 scriptures in the New Testament that totally refutes that concept!  As we have seen, the House of Israel through their continuous murmuring were given a harsh law to keep them remembering God until the time that God (Shiloh) would come to them.  This will be discussed in more depth after we get to the life of Christ in later PERSPECTIVES.  Moses’ last prophecy has many implications to Native Americans, and because of its length will be given and commented on in PERSPECTIVES #27.

EXPERIENCES.  Some years ago I attended a workshop in Spokane, Washington on the use of essential oils.  A woman in northern Idaho drove down to Spokane to talk with me.  I had sold her a buck kid goat some weeks before, and we had had some interesting discussions over the phone.  We agreed to meet in a public place, and met in a grocery store parking lot.

The conversation started out with light talk, and soon I became aware she was carrying a heavy burden.  As the burden became more clear in my mind, I finally said.  “Amy, I feel you have been carrying a heavy burden for a long time.  It has to do with a little girl.”  At this, she began to sob and cried out, “Years ago I had a little girl about two years old that wandered out into a street and was hit by a car and killed.  I’ve always wondered, will she ever be able to see me in heaven?”

She had been told that because the little girl had not been baptized that the little girl would not be able to see her in heaven.  I explained to her that the concept of infant baptism was an evil doctrine. It was instituted so parents would bring their babies for ‘baptism’, this would keep the families in the church and keep control over the lives of the people!

(Note: in spite of the scarcity of water, baptism by immersion only was the method used in the early church.  John baptized with immersion, and Christ himself walked about 70 miles over rough terrain to be baptized, and did it “to fulfill all righteousness” (Matthew 3:15).  See also the account of Phillip and the eunuch where they both went down into the water and they came up out of the water!  (Acts 8:36-39) (Sprinkling and pouring were not used for centuries.)  

Jesus Christ NEVER baptized little children, but He did pick them up and BLESSED them (but DID  NOT BAPTIZE THEM!)  and said they are of the kingdom of heaven, and their angels always see the face of God.  (see Mark 10:13-16, Matthew 18:10, 19:13-15)  I then explained to Amy that her baby was already in heaven, and that she needed to prepare her own life so she could be in heaven and be with her daughter.  Amy felt relieved of this lifelong burden and was very happy.

SURVIVAL AND TIPS FOR LIVING.  Sometimes the best way for survival is to leave Mother Nature to do what is best!  At our little farm everyone is told to leave the black snakes alone.  Those snakes not only keep the rat and mice populations down, but also kill and eat the poisonous snakes.  A friend of ours sent us a video of a black snake attacking and swallowing a rattlesnake.  We have seen black snakes 6 feet long, and they get much larger!  They are cold-blooded and have ‘indeterminate’ growth, which means that they never stop growing as long as they live!   

A friend of mine, who lives in southern Indiana, told of his wife screaming and laughing out behind the barn.  She had hold of a monstrous black snake by the neck, and had it wrapped several times around her body.  He went and got a tape measure, and they straightened it out, and it measured 9 ½ feet long!  My neighbor saw one cross our driveway, and he got out of his car to look at it. Its head was off on one side of the road, and its tail off on the other side, so it would certainly have been that long, also!

They are tremendous climbers, and it’s a little  unnerving to look up and see one coiled up between the rafters, and the next day have one slithering between your feet on its way over behind the sacks of feed to hunt for mice.  They seem to recognize that we are ‘friends’, and are not too disturbed to find us in ‘their’ home!!

May His peace be upon you, your family, and property, and possessions!  GREENSTONE


About Perspectives by Greenstone

Happily married 54 years to same woman; Five children, eight grandchildren and 2 great granddaughters; Over 50 years in Christian ministry. Public speaker, Researcher, Writer and publisher. Community Education Administrator, Biologist, Naturalist, Outdoor Skills. Education = B.Sci., M.A., Doctoral Fellow, VoTech Certificate. As a retired couple we raise nationally known Registered Miniature Herefords and Registered Nubian Dairy Goats. Hobbies are many but include fishing and woodworking (along with some logging and operating a band-saw mill), and teaching a variety of skills and interests.
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