Greenstone’s Perspectives #27

HISTORICAL.  A final prophecy is given by Moses to the tribes of Israel in Deuteronomy 33:6-25.  It is similar in many ways to the prophecy given by Israel (Jacob) in Genesis Chapter 49, which was, in fact, also written by Moses who wrote the first five books of the Bible (known as the Pentateuch).  In more particular, I will quote the prophecy about Joseph – vs. 13-17, because of his birthright and his relationship to America, us, and the Native Americans.  I will interweave my comments in parentheses.

And of Joseph he said, Blessed of the Lord be his land…

(interestingly, Joseph is the only tribe out of the 12 tribes specifically  mentioned to have a special land!)

for the precious things of heaven, …

(the precious things of heaven means spiritual gifts!)

for the dew, and for the deep that coucheth beneath,

(there is NO OTHER COUNTRY that has the combination of riches of coal,

natural gas, oil, and precious gems, that is available in the Americas!)

And for the precious fruits brought forth by the sun, and for the precious things

put forth by the moon.

(citrus fruits in the south to Saskatoon berries way up in Canada are governed

by the sun, and the growth of roots in the lack of sunlight in darkness and moonlight –  potatoes, for example grow tremendously in the dark. As a matter of fact, twigs grow  longer on the dark side! This is why trees lean toward the sun!)

And for the chief things of the ancient mountains,…

(among the oldest mountains are The Black Hills of South Dakota, which has

a great variety of precious and semi-precious gems, from gold to agates, etc..

The Appalachians, of course, are known for its wealth of coal, as is the Rockies

from North Dakota to Colorado.)

and for the precious things of the lasting hills.

And for the precious things of the earth and the fullness thereof,…

(James 5:7 says the Lord is waiting for the precious fruit of the earth which

will bring the early and the latter rain. We find in Psalms 85:11, “Truth shall

spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven.”

This, of course, means there will be the good news of the gospel that will come

out of the earth, and Moses is aptly describing America!)

(Zechariah Chapter 4, tells of the two records – one on each side of the earth that will bring light to the whole earth.  If you look at a globe of the earth, you can see that the opposite side of the earth from Israel is indeed in the area of New York where great understanding came forth for America.  More clarity will be given in the future PERSPECTIVES.)

…and for the good will of Him that dwelt in the bush (whom Moses saw!):  let the blessing come upon the head of Joseph (Ephraim), and upon the top of the head of him (Manasseh) that was separated from his brethren.

(Isaiah, chapter 29, tells us of a book that would come out of the ground in a country whose inhabitants are under siege from ‘forts’.  And Ezekiel, Chapter 37, tells us of the stick of Judah, which we know as the Bible.  (The Bible, Old and New Testament, was all written by Jews).  It also tells us of the stick of Joseph.  By studying JUDAH’S SCEPTER AND JOSEPH’S BIRTHRIGHT we know the tribe of Joseph went to the British Isles, and Ephraim has split off to America.)

( And, true to prophecy and as shown in the original pattern of the birth of Joseph’s  children, Manasseh, was here first, and is known as the American Indians, who rightfully know themselves as FIRST NATION!  I will go into much more detail on the stick of Joseph in future PERSPECTIVES.)

His glory is like the firstling of his bullock, and his horns are like the horns of unicorns:  with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth: and they are the ten thousands of Ephraim, and they are the thousands of Manasseh.

(First of all, a bullock cannot have ‘horns’ like unicorns.  “Uni” means “one”, so that concept is wrong. The bullock has two horns. Secondly, the Lord impressed me to        search out the Hebrew word that was used for unicorn, and it is “Reem”.  The Greek  didn’t know what a Reem was, so they gave it the name of one of their mythological                    characters:  unicorn!  However, the true understanding of Reem is an ‘ancient bison’!   Thirdly, the Reem was thought for many years to be extinct!  However, a few years ago,   National Geographic did a special on a recently discovered herd of bison in the Black  Forest in Germany.  I saw this special, and they look exactly like the American Bison  except the hump on the shoulders is not quite as high!  Moses knew what he was      prophesying about! Indeed, Ephraim knew of the Black Forest bison of Europe, and             Manasseh was well acquainted with the Black Hill’s bison of South Dakota!)

To me, it is no mere coincident that the British has the name ‘John Bull’, the stock  market has a ‘bull’ market, policemen are known as ‘bulls’, and the ‘buffalo’ (bison!) is the symbol of power to the First Nation people – the Native Americans (Manasseh)!

Yes, there is no doubt that there is 10 times as many of Ephraim in America as there is Manasseh, but we do know that the time will come that the two of them will grow into a   multitude in the midst of the earth. (see Genesis 48:16)

And the great visionary/prophet of the Sioux, Black Elk, in the book about him, called  BLACK ELK SPEAKS, said that when he stood on the highest point in the Black Hills  of South Dakota, he stood at the center of the earth.  Indeed, it is a short distance       to the north of that very spot that the exact center of the United States is found today!

Archeologists have found many ancient records, instruments, etc., that have shown  advanced civilizations, some superior to current societies, have already lived in the   Americas.  (The Ten Commandments, written in ancient Hebrew on a large rock near Los Lunas, New Mexico is just one example.))

I will cover much more about the native people toward the end of PERSPECTIVES.

EXPERIENCES.  Our friend Tillie Goff was 49 when she found out she was pregnant. The doctor told her and her husband Fred that her heart was so bad that she would not live through the delivery. The doctor advised them that she should have an abortion.  They made the decision to have the baby.  The only one they told of their situation was their oldest child, my friend, Glenn.  They did not tell the other three children or anyone else.

During the delivery, Tillie died.  As her spirit raised up from her body, she could see her body and the doctors and nurses surrounding her body and trying to do things.

A personage appeared and took her through the air to another place. She said that it was so beautiful and peaceful with all the flowers and greenery. The person next to her said, “Oh, you’re from the little world of clocks!”  She could see points of light coming from the earth, and when they got close to the ‘planet’ she was on, they opened up like fireworks.  She asked what that meant, and she was told, “They are the prayers from people, and all of them are recorded!”

She could see the earth, and felt a pulling to her family.  The person next to her said, “But we have this!!”  And she realized that for the first time in a long time that she had no pain, and what a wonderful feeling it was!

Then she saw her son Glenn.  He was kneeling and praying for her.  The person next to her said, “You have done a few good things.  Now we will see how strong is your faith.”  She woke up, and the doctors and nurses jumped back, and one exclaimed, “We thought you were dead!”  The first words she spoke were, “What time is it?!” (Indeed, she was back to the little world of clocks!)

She placed a call to Glenn as soon as she could, and he confirmed to her that he was in the Arboretum of the University of Wisconsin kneeling on the floor praying for her at the exact time of her experience!  He finished his Doctorate in Botany while at the University.  Tillie did give birth to a wonderful daughter, which she named Janie Lynn Goff, and lived for some years after that.

SURVIVAL AND TIPS FOR LIVING.  In most places in North America there are native plants that are good for food, medicine, or products to help us live.  One example is the common cattail that grows along the shores of lakes and rivers, or, in the case of Minnesota where we lived for a couple of years, covers endless bogs and swamps.  As they develop the spike on top, and it matures, it has a fuzzy crown about a foot long.  It is somewhat fire-retardant, and provides such insulation properties, that the U.S. Government seriously considered using it for sleeping bags and clothing during WWII.  They finally chose to use synthetics, but it does give us a clue of something that would be very useful in a time of emergency.

In his book, STALKING THE WILD ASPARAGUS, Euell Gibbons, has a whole chapter on the cattail called ‘Supermarket of the Swamps’.  There is much information on the use of cattail’s many parts from the root to the fuzzy top from making flour to making weaving supplies.  His opening statement says it all: “For the number of different kinds of food it produces there is no plant, wild or domesticated, which tops the common cattail.”  You might want to borrow the book from your library and copy that chapter.  Or better yet, buy a used copy over the internet as Gibbons covers a wide variety of many useful plants.

The whole book is a treasure trove of using wild plants for everyday use and survival.  It’s been a common source of information since I bought it new 45 years ago.

‘Til next time, GREENSTONE.

About Perspectives by Greenstone

Happily married 54 years to same woman; Five children, eight grandchildren and 2 great granddaughters; Over 50 years in Christian ministry. Public speaker, Researcher, Writer and publisher. Community Education Administrator, Biologist, Naturalist, Outdoor Skills. Education = B.Sci., M.A., Doctoral Fellow, VoTech Certificate. As a retired couple we raise nationally known Registered Miniature Herefords and Registered Nubian Dairy Goats. Hobbies are many but include fishing and woodworking (along with some logging and operating a band-saw mill), and teaching a variety of skills and interests.
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