Greenstone’s Perspectives #28

HISTORICAL.  Now we pick up the history with Joshua, he whom Moses laid his hands on (ordained, Deuteronomy 34:9) to be his successor and led the house of Israel to their inheritance that was promised to Abraham, then Isaac, then Jacob.  Joshua was promised that the Lord would be with him as He was with Moses (Joshua 1:5), and the people promised to follow him as they did Moses (Joshua 1:17).  The people were told to prepare food for 3 days because they would then pass over the Jordan River to the promised land.  Here again we find the importance of 3 days of preparation to receive a blessing from the Lord.

We also see another blessing that would take place —this time with another harlot!  The first time was with the woman who played the part of a harlot (Tamar) in Genesis 39, and gave birth to High Line and Low Line Judah, and the Low Line son had a scarlet thread placed on his hand.  In this case, Joshua sent two men to spy out the land of Jericho, which was on the other side of the Jordan.  They lodged in the house of Rahab, a harlot. Once again a harlot comes to the rescue!  She hides the two men from the king who would kill them.  And after the king’s men were gone, she let them down with a scarlet rope.  Joshua’s two spies made a covenant with her that whoever of her relatives that were in her house when the House of Israel came to destroy the town would be spared when Israel saw the scarlet rope in the window.  Once again the scarlet rope (or thread) would play an important role in Israel’s heritage! (read Joshua 2:12-21)

In three days the House of Israel passed over the Jordan on dry ground, and again the waters of the Jordan stood as a wall, like when they came through the Red Sea, while this event happened! (Joshua 3:14-17)

Joshua Chapter 6 is about the people circling Jericho in silence, except for the priests blowing 7 ram’s horn trumpets once each day for six days, and circling the city seven times, the seventh day, with the priests blowing their horns. And at the end of the seventh time they all shouted and the walls of Jericho fell down flat! Then the men all went straight in and destroyed every living person. All valuable treasures went into the treasury of the Lord.  Only Rahab and her people were saved, and they became part of the Lord’s people.  The City of Jericho was then burned.

EXPERIENCES.  Some experiences with God are so gentle, and pleasant to remember.  Our 4-year-old granddaughter, Ashley, wanted me to take her fishing, so I told her I would take her to our special pond.  We took a 5 gallon bucket with a small tackle box and a can of bait and a bottle of water inside, and carried our fishing rods.  As we walked the path to Special Pond we walked across the dam of a small pond that was only about 100 feet from the house.

“We can fish here,” she said.  I told her there were just small fish there, and that we must take the path on to Sacred Grove, where some of our friends and us would go to meditate and discuss things.  Sacred Grove had a giant cedar tree in the center with the lower limbs about 8 feet above the ground that reached out about 15 feet.  Other cedar trees grew tightly around the edge making a shaded cathedral that was pleasantly cool in summer.  Sometimes as many as 25 people would assemble there with lawn chairs and blankets to sit on and visit.

“Grandpa, is it far to Special Pond?” she asked as we walked through Sacred Grove.  “No, I replied, it’s just a little farther through the deep forest, and you will see it down the hill a little bit.”

Soon we were at the pond, and baited our lines and cast them out and waited for the fish to bite.  She became impatient and said, “Grandpa why won’t the fish bite?”  I told her she would have to tell them to bite, so she shouted out, “Fish! Bite my hook right now.”  Then we soon caught several nice-sized fish.

As the sun sank a little lower, the frogs started to become more vocal.  She said, “Grandpa, what are the frogs saying?”  I told her to watch my hand.  When one croaked, I moved my forefinger.  “That one is a green frog, and it says Gunk, Gunk.  He’s telling you there’s mud underneath him, and don’t walk there or you’ll get your feet stuck!!”

I moved my finger again.  “That one is a leopard frog, and it says Knee Deep, Knee Deep.”  I moved  my finger again and said, “And that one with the big booming voice is the bullfrog, and it says, “Better go ‘round, Better go ‘round!”  She laughed at the illustrations.

By this time the sun was low on the horizon, and as it shone against her sun-bleached hair there was a brilliant gold halo around her head!  I sat there on the bucket, and she stood tightly against my side and put her hand on my back and gently patted it, and said.  “Grandpa, this is a great thing, you and I fishing here at Special Pond!”  Indeed it was, and I’ll never forget it!  Thank you, God, for times like these!

SURVIVAL AND TIPS FOR LIVING.  Frog legs are delicious, and certainly find their place on gourmet menus. Usually just the hind legs are skinned, fried, and eaten.  Being cold-blooded, they tend to wiggle a little bit when being fried if they are very fresh!  Sometimes really fresh fish will also wiggle a little bit while being fried.  Larger frogs of Bullfrogs and Green frogs are best and have the most meat on them.  They are easily taken at night using a flash light and a canoe paddle to swat them with.

They are regulated with certain seasons in some states.  I remember catching a couple dozen Bullfrogs one night in the Ozarks when I had taken my college students on a camping trip.  When I was dressing them out, a forest ranger watched me, then disappeared for about 15 minutes, then came back with a ticket for killing Bullfrogs because the season didn’t open for another week.

I asked to see the Judge, because I needed to take my students back to Iowa the next day.  He told me that I would have to see the Judge in Saint Louis at a later time.  I told him that there were no rule book available at the tackle shop, and he told me he didn’t have one either.

I wrote a letter to the Judge, and explained the whole situation to him, and explained that I was a biologist, and that large Green Frogs could not be distinguished from Bullfrogs unless a person was well-trained and had close observation, and the forest ranger was never closer than about 12 feet away.  The Judge wrote me a letter and said the case was dismissed!

Regulations for harvesting them are usually found in state fishing regulations.

Happy eating!  GREENSTONE.


About Perspectives by Greenstone

Happily married 54 years to same woman; Five children, eight grandchildren and 2 great granddaughters; Over 50 years in Christian ministry. Public speaker, Researcher, Writer and publisher. Community Education Administrator, Biologist, Naturalist, Outdoor Skills. Education = B.Sci., M.A., Doctoral Fellow, VoTech Certificate. As a retired couple we raise nationally known Registered Miniature Herefords and Registered Nubian Dairy Goats. Hobbies are many but include fishing and woodworking (along with some logging and operating a band-saw mill), and teaching a variety of skills and interests.
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