Greenstone’s Perspectives #30

HISTORICAL.  Moses told the people several times to love the Lord with all their heart and with all their soul (Deuteronomy 30:2, 6, 16).  And yet, he also prophesied that they were, and would be, rebellious (31:27, 29), and evil would befall them in the latter days!

I would suggest that you familiarize yourself with Moses’ song found in 32:1-43.

Joshua was faithful, and after he led the people across the Jordan he commanded the people to obey the words of the Law (Joshua 23:6-9) and possess all the lands that have been given to them for inheritance, and also serve God with sincerity and truth (24:14-27).  And then he set up a stone and said it was a witness of the words of the Lord!

True to Moses’ prophecy, the people began to drift from the commandments.  They didn’t completely drive out the other nations, and began to accept their cultures.   Judges 6:1 tells of their evil, and from verse 10 on we find the calling of Gideon, who was mighty to save Israel.  And again, we find Israel was wicked, and God raised up Samson to be a deliverer.  Read Judges Chapters 13-16.  Over a period of several hundred years they had many struggles.  They went through a system of Judges, then the old prophet Samuel came along, and the people wanted a king.  The Lord spoke to Samuel and said it was not right to have a king over them rather than Himself, but told Samuel to tell them why it was not right to have a king, but to do what the people wanted.  Read 1 Samuel Chapter  8, it reminds us of our time!

EXPERIENCES.  Joan (real name withheld) had been a good employee.  She was a beautiful blonde girl, on the honor roll, a cheerleader, popular, and well-respected.  She was used to supervise roller skating, and keep track of fees paid for skating, swimming, teen center, and children’s activities.  Money started coming up missing, and a trap was set.  She was caught transferring money from the swimming activities to her locker in the girls’ locker room.  I had her brought into my office and questioned her.  I confronted her with the numbers of people that had signed in for several times of skating and swimming and what the total amount the fees should have been, and the fact that witnesses watching through the coaches’ office in the swimming area saw her transferring swimming fee money into her own locker.  She calmly denied the charges, and continued to do so in spite of repeated questioning.

I realized I was getting no where, and in my desperation I swiveled my chair around, bowed my head, and silently prayed, “O lord, I need your help in getting this thing resolved.  Please help me.  In your name of Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen.”

I turned back around, and said, “Joan, did you take the money?”  She calmly replied, “Yes! In the beginning I took it because it was so easy, and then I just couldn’t stop.  I have all of the money home, and I can bring it back.”

I took Joan to see the superintendent, and he said we should take her to the police station, and asked me what I would like to do about it.  I said that she had been a good employee and if she went to the police station she would have this on her record.  I said what I would like to do is have her continue to work in this program for the rest of the school year – about 4 months – and if she had no more problems I would not keep a record of this.  Joan was happy to agree to this, and she continued to be a good employee.

SURVIVAL AND TIPS FOR LIVING.  Earthworms are miraculous for gardening!  We lived in Eugene, Oregon some years ago.  Our oldest son, J, had a lemon tree that he had been raising for a couple of years.  It had stopped growing and did not look good.  J and I went to the back yard and sifted out some sand and put a layer about 2” deep in the bottom of a 12” square wooden box, then put a 4” layer of garden dirt heavily mixed with leaves.  We dampened it real good with water.  We dug out 100 earthworms from the garden, cleaned the dirt off them, and weighed them on our postage scales, then put them in the box.  The worms quickly disappeared into their new home.

One month later we carefully took one handful of dirt out of the box and separated out the worms.  We were amazed to see that they had doubled in weight in that time!  In addition, they produced many worm capsules, which look like grayish grains of rice. These capsules each contain  2-4 ‘wormlets’ (small worms), and would soon hatch out many worms in a short time!

Most people fail to have success in raising worms because they don’t know that worms have a ‘crop’ like a chicken does!  They need sand.  The bits of organic material that the worms eat go into the crop, which has some sand in it, and the churning of the crop causes the sand to grind up the materials until it is easily digested.  So we put sand in the bottom of the box.  The worms eat the dead leaves and other organic material on top, then burrow down to the bottom to eat some sand and then leave their ‘castings’ (their manure) while they are there.  These castings are the richest, most assimilable food that plants can have!  The light-colored sand that we had in the bottom was now black, rich dirt.

We took the lemon tree out of the tub, re-potted it with the black soil, and in a couple of weeks the tree sprouted many new twigs, and many bright, shiny, green leaves!  Earthworms are powerful gardeners.



About Perspectives by Greenstone

Happily married 54 years to same woman; Five children, eight grandchildren and 2 great granddaughters; Over 50 years in Christian ministry. Public speaker, Researcher, Writer and publisher. Community Education Administrator, Biologist, Naturalist, Outdoor Skills. Education = B.Sci., M.A., Doctoral Fellow, VoTech Certificate. As a retired couple we raise nationally known Registered Miniature Herefords and Registered Nubian Dairy Goats. Hobbies are many but include fishing and woodworking (along with some logging and operating a band-saw mill), and teaching a variety of skills and interests.
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