Greenstone’s Perspectives #24

HISTORICAL.  After Moses had prophesied and a number of miracles were fulfilled;  i.e., frogs, lice, water turning to blood, etc., the final miracle was that all of the first-born of Egypt – livestock and children were killed.  To protect the Hebrews, Moses issued the commandment to take the blood of an unblemished lamb or kid goat, and smear it on the lintel (upper crosspiece of the door) and the two side posts.  When the Destroyer sent by God would see the blood it would pass over that home.  This was called “the Passover”.  The Lord’s people were then ordered to eat all of the meat before morning.  This was then commanded to be a yearly “feast”.  Then another feast was also instituted:  the feast of unleavened bread.

After the exodus, Moses led the people to the Red Sea.  He was not allowed to number the House of Israel, however he did count the men who qualified for war.  They were between 20 and upward (Josephus says to fifty years of age), in good physical condition.  This did not include those younger or older in age, nor females, nor those who had health problems, nor those who had just planted a vineyard, or had just gotten married, or were fearful, or were of the House of Levi.  Thus if we figure those not included, we could reasonably estimate the total to be four times the men Moses numbered for war. (see Numbers Chapter One) Therefore, the 603,550 men (Genesis 12:37-38, Numbers Chapter 1:46 would easily represent 2,400,000 people, AND we would also have to add all of their livestock!

(The enormity of the size of this group is just about unimaginable!  For example, if you put all those people in rows 1000 wide and 10 feet apart (remember, they were carrying their belongings also!), you’d have a train of 2,400 rows of people 4-5 miles long, and then you would also have the herds and flocks of sheep, cattle, and goats!  The thoughts of keeping them fed and watered is mind-boggling, much less finding places for 100,000 children, women, and men to take toilet stops at the same time!)

He then lifted his rod, and divided the sea, and the children of Israel walked across on DRY ground. My own experience has shown me that reservoirs or lakes that have been drained takes WEEKS or months for the bottom to dry – and God did this OVERNIGHT! The water stood as a “wall”, which helps us understand that the descendents of Joseph would go beyond the ocean (the wall!) to a new land (Genesis 49:22).  When the Egyptians followed, Moses was commanded to raise his hand again and the sea returned to its normal level and all of the Egyptians were drowned.

Moses then established the materials and dimensions of the tabernacle and appurtenances,  and gave the laws on eating in Leviticus.  There were laws against eating pork, coney (rabbit), sea foods (eels, shrimp, etc.), catfish, etc. However, locusts were O.K.

Deuteronomy will be covered in the next PERSPECTIVES.  This will wrap up the works of this mighty, but meek, man of God, who affected the beliefs of HALF OF THE WORLD’S POPULATION, which began when he saw the Angel of God in the POWER OF GOD in a burning bush.

EXPERIENCE.  The Lord blessed me in my work as Park Naturalist for the State of Michigan at Ludington State Park.  I was not allowed to discuss God.  But the Lord finds other ways.  I had set state records for attendance in evening programs and seasonal records in attendance in which I showed people how to catch and clean fish, and understand many things about nature.

But what about the relationship of God in the succession of plants in man’s history?  Forest fires had gone from east to west five times all across the state of Michigan in its early history, but does nature show God’s hand?

I led 140 people, another state record, out into the sand dunes for a lecture.  I led them to a large ‘bowl’ (the depression between the dunes), and we went inside the rim and I led them around until we made a circle.  I had them all sit down in this ‘amphitheater’. I stood in the center so everyone could see me and hear me clearly.

It was sunny and warm and quickly everyone was playing with the sand while I lecturing.  This is what I wanted, because I had observed many times in my teaching:  when the hands are busy, the mind is open! Many teachers don’t understand this.  However, this is important in learning and therapy. It was amazing to see that even adults were so occupied in keeping their hands busy, that some had dug down until the hole was up to their arm pits!

I explained to the people, (children to senior citizens), that we see the barest of earth, the sand that has been driven inland by the wind. A little farther inland we see some grass, then a little farther inland we see a few flowers, then a little father inland we see some sun-tolerant trees (wild cherries), then we see a little farther inland some intermediate species of trees (aspen), then we see, where the soil is even older, more shade-tolerant trees (oaks and pines), and when we get farther into the forest where the soil is the oldest, and there is much shade, we see the trees of the climax forest, beach, hard maple, and hemlock. The shade is so great that the sun-tolerant and intermediate trees cannot live. There is no underbrush AND VERY LITTLE WILDLIFE!  There’s no food or cover for deer or low-level birds.  If you’ve ever been in a climax forest, you know it’s a quiet and somewhat dark place.

And when a forest reaches that stage – the climax forest – it remains in that stage, and when the trees get old and die and fall they are replaced with the same kind of climax forest trees. Michigan WAS JUST ENTERING that stage when the loggers were coming in. This is critical to remember. There were almost no deer, and some early surveyors went mad from not seeing the sun for days.

Scientists believe it takes 2,000 years to reach the climax forest from bare sand.  So I ask you, this being 1970 A.D., what great event, or catastrophe took place about 2,000 years ago?”

The response was wonderful.  As one elderly man said, “I haven’t gone to church for many years because they are so boring.  But this is the best sermon I’ve ever heard.”

I responded by saying, “There is no better place to worship than in that which He created!”

SURVIVAL AND TIPS FOR LIVING. Vitamin C is essential for your survival.  I had taken my college students into the boundary Canoe Waters on the Minnesota-Canada border, and after going through a dozen lakes, and fishing and swimming in each one, we were approaching the shore line of another lake where a young woman was standing and watching us.  When we landed, and she came near I could smell the “flu” on her, and she appeared to be very weak.  She said she had been sick for several days and she was alone.  I asked her why she was in the wilderness alone, and she replied that she was challenging nature!  My students were interested in her situation, and I told them, “Never challenge Nature – she has nothing to lose, and sooner or later YOU will lose!”

I gave her 3,000 units of chewable Vitamin C, and in 15 minutes gave her another 2,000 units, and in about 20 minutes gave her another 2,000 units.  She was alright in about an hour.  I didn’t want to leave her there alone, so we packed up her stuff, and she continued with us for the rest of the trip. She was an excellent canoeist, and later took over one place in a canoe when one of the young men had injured his hand. If we hadn’t taken care of her, and brought her with us, she would likely have died there!

The cells in the body have microscopic holes that selectively allow nutrients to flow in but screen out bad stuff (like bacteria, etc.).  When the cell walls are deficient in Vitamin C those holes become large and irregular, thus letting in the bad guys.  Vitamin C kills off the bad effects, and normalizes the holes. The Vitamin C is used up in combat, and while the body handles 2,000 units at one time, that is instantly used up when the need is there; hence the need to replace it until the bad guys are totally destroyed.

If your body is acid pH, then we use an alkaline Vitamin C, which is made by cooking green onions until they are ‘bleachy’ looking, and draining off and drinking the broth.

You can get pH test strips at the local pharmacy.  Just a touch of urine will change the color of the test strip, which can be compared to the chart on the box.  If you show an acid ph, this is probably why you’re sick in the first place!!  By the way, almost all disease and cancer thrives in an acid environment!  The 48 page paper I wrote called EXTEND YOUR LIFE tells how disease develops and the foods necessary to keep you healthy and is free of charge if you want one.  I compiled it from many excellent sources.

I would suggest you keep a bottle of chewable natural Vitamin C on hand.  GREENSTONE

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Greenstone’s Perspectives #23

HISTORICAL.  We continue our research on Moses.  We’ve seen that his life was spared from the edict of Pharaoh to have all the Hebrew male children exterminated.  His early childhood years was spent under his Hebrew mother’s nurturing influence, and certainly was taught of his Hebrew heritage.  Then he was raised by Pharaoh’s daughter, and was taught in all the “wisdom of the Egyptians” until he was about 40 years of age.  Then he killed an Egyptian task master who was abusing one of his Hebrew brethren.  He fled for his life and went to the land of Midian, where he successfully drove off shepherds who were controlling the well that was to provide the water for the sheep that belonged to Jethro the priest of Midian.  Jethro, whose daughters were watching his sheep, told him of the event, and Jethro then had Moses stay with them and Moses was given Zipporah, a daughter, for a wife.

Moses stayed at Midian for the next 40 years until he had the experience of the Angel of God speaking out of the burning bush.  What is NOT taught is that Moses heard, AND SAW, the IMAGE of God speaking out of THE POWER OF GOD.  God is described as a consuming fire, and we recognize that the term “right hand” means “full authority”.  When Christ is said to ascend to the right hand of the Father, it means He assumed the FULL AUTHORITY of God himself.  Christ was, IN FACT, God in the flesh (the earthly realm); and when He ascended to heaven (the Eternal Realm!), He was again the FULLNESS of God!!  When He came to earth in the flesh, he was limited in time and space, and therefore he could suffer hunger, pain, fatigue – all the things that we suffer from.

He who caused the separation from the Garden of Eden is THE ONLY ONE who could pay the price for mercy FOR THOSE WHO WOULD ACCEPT HIS SACRIFICE.  His sacrifice paid for the Law of Mercy to overrule the Law of Justice.  I will go into more explanation on the differences between The Law of Mercy and the Law of Justice later.  Right now, let me state that Moses was to tell the House of Israel that THEY should know him as YHVH, THE REDEEMER, or DELIVERER.  Previous to that time, when the Lord LOVED the fathers (Deuteronomy 4:37), they called Him GOD ALMIGHTY! (Exodus 6:3)

As you will see in forthcoming PERSPECTIVES, the new name was given to a blind, rebellious, stiff-necked group of people who would always stone the prophets and reject the truth.  They would even reject Christ and condemned him to be crucified, and ALL the people even stated, “His blood be on us, and on our children.” (Read Matthew 27:19-25) Much more to come in the following PERSPECTIVES.

EXPERIENCES. Shortly after I met Barbara, the semester ended where we were going to college.  We were engaged to be married and I stayed at her folk’s place and helped her father get some farm work done before they would take Barbara and I to Michigan to get married.  It was hot and humid, as usual, in southern Iowa, and as the day was closing Barbara said it would be fun to cool off by going to the “strip pit” and go swimming.  (The term “strip pit” conjured up all sorts of images of what the Iowa kids do in their spare time, but it was explained to me that the coal company had stripped soil down to where the layer of coal was, and the pit had filled with water.  The local kids took advantage of this and used it as the local swimming hole.)

The water was cloudy from the clay soil, so you could only see into it only a couple of inches, like looking into coffee that had some cream in it.  It was warm and enjoyable.  As we swam around, Barbara was laying partially on an old 2”x 10” wooden plank.  She wasn’t aware that there was a nail sticking through it.  She came up behind me, and thinking she would help me, shoved the end of the plank between my legs.  When the nail poked me in the inner thigh I pushed it back and down.  She hung onto the other end of the plank and was pushed down under the water.  When I turned around, she was gone!  All I could see was bubbles coming up!  Most people don’t realize that when a person expels the air from their lungs they no longer have buoyancy and will sink almost like a rock!  She was going down fast, and no one knew how deep that pit was.  I dove down and immediately it was dark.  It was not like the Michigan lakes I grew up with where I could see for 10-15 feet in the water.  I was frantic!  My sweetheart was drowning.  I took a few more strokes downward and realized I was out of air.  I asked God to help me.  I felt a few bubbles come up against my face and I took a couple more quick strokes downward and reached down and felt her hair in my fingers.  I clutched tightly and swam up to the surface.  She coughed for a couple of minutes, and then was O.K.  She has now been a blessing to me for 55 years. Thank you, Jesus!

SURVIVAL AND TIPS FOR LIVING.  Insects can make life miserable, and sometimes can cause health problems.  Besides flies and mosquitoes, ticks and chiggers are just plain nasty!  A bar of sulfur soap is very valuable.  I get ours from the drug store:  it is a sulfur and salicylic acid (aspirin!) combination.  Just make a little lather and wipe it on your feet and legs.  It smells a little like a box of matches – which is from the sulfur.   It is very healthy and soothing, and the bugs don’t like it.

When a bug bites you, your body reacts by sending histamine to the spot, which attracts water, which causes swelling, which makes you itch!  We just dab on a little straight ammonia (which doesn’t have soap or detergent in it) on the swelling, and Presto! –the swelling goes down and the itch is gone!  You can buy expensive products to put on the bites, but they probably are primarily just ammonia, anyway!

Until next time, Greenstone.

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Greenstone’s Perspectives #22

HISTORICAL.  Jacob (Israel) lived to be 147 (Genesis 47:28), and the family took his remains back to the land of Canaan where the fathers and their wives were buried (Genesis 49:29-33).  Joseph lived to be 110, and he was buried in the same location as the fathers (Genesis 50:22, Joshua 24:32).

We will now begin the study of Moses.   To understand how he fits in that time, let me toss out a few dates and numbers.   Jacob was born about 1856 B.C., lived 147 years to 1711 B.C. Joseph was 32, when Jacob was 130.  Joseph died at 110 years of age, or about 1650 B.C. Moses was born 1593 B.C., less than 60 years after Joseph died!   This would have been about 140 years after the house of Israel went to Egypt.

A King arose that didn’t know Joseph, and he became concerned because of the tremendous increase in the Hebrew population, and decided to make them work hard, and also ordered the extermination of all newborn male children by throwing them in the Nile (full of crocodiles!) (Exodus Chapter one).   A man and a woman of the house of Levi, however, had a child, and to save him the mother made a small boat and placed the child in it and put it in the rushes at the water’s edge  (Once again, an ark was used for salvation of the Lord’s people!)   A daughter of Pharaoh saw the child, and had compassion for it. The child’s sister was watching, and arranged for the mother to nurse the child (Exodus 2:1-10).

As a child, he was under his mother’s care, and was certainly taught of his Hebrew heritage.   Then he was brought to the Pharaoh’s daughter and became her son and she named him Moses “because I drew him from the water.”   We find in the Book of Acts 7:22-36 that Moses was then “learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians.”   So he was well versed in history, science, and religion!

When he was 40 years of age he went to visit his Hebrew brethren (see the previous reference) and seeing one of them was being abused by an Egyptian taskmaster, he slew him (Exodus Chap. 2).   He then fled from Egypt to the land of Midian and defended the daughters of Ruel, the priest of Midian, who was also called Jethro.   He then was invited to stay with them, and was given one of the daughters (Zipporah) for a wife.  At the end of spending 40 years with them, he had the experience of seeing the angel of the Lord in a burning bush.  God then told him what he was to do, and that God would be known as the Deliverer or Redeemer to the Hebrews.   Further explanations will be given in the next PERSPECTIVE.

EXPERIENCE. My dad was a remarkable person, evidently learning his faith from his parents.  When I was about 4 years of age we lived in Belding, Michigan.  Dad came home from work one day and informed Mom that the factory had laid off the workers.  There was no such thing as unemployment benefits, and there was no savings account, and Mom said, “What are we going to do?” Dad’s response was, “We’re going to go on vacation!” And we did!

Dad had borrowed a tent, a Coleman cook stove, and a couple of used tires.   Packed with some food supplies, and a couple of cane poles for fishing, we headed for the west coast of Michigan, also known as the fruit belt, which was about 100 miles away.

Dad would stop at orchards and ask if they were hiring fruit pickers.  There were very little migrant workers at that time and many orchards were looking for help.  Dad had certain requests before he would work.  First of all, he informed the owners, “We’re on vacation.” Then he would find out if we could camp in the orchard, and we would want to be paid each day.   The orchard always had a hand pump for drinking water and a two-hole outdoor toilet, and of course fresh fruit to eat!  I can just barely remember Mom and Dad discussing each evening where we would want to go the next day where fishing was good, and how much money we would need to get there and buy a few groceries, also.   So, the next day Mom and Dad would pick the necessary boxes or bushels of fruit to make the money they needed.

I remember sitting in the outhouse and singing.  It’s a great time to sing, after all, when you know you’re loved and there are other kids to play with!  One day when people were lined up to use the outhouse, I was busy singing.   Some lady got impatient, and said, “Little boy, you will have to come out so other people can use the toilet!”  I swung the door open and said, “You can come in, there’s another place in here!”   Well, Mom came to the rescue, and peace and comfort was restored to the camp!

We were on ‘vacation’ for about 3 weeks, picking fruit in various orchards, and fishing in a number of different lakes.  We had a wonderful time! When we got back home there was a letter in the mail box telling dad to return to work the next day When he went to work, the other employees were complaining how tough life had been with no money and no job.  They were astounded when they asked Dad how his family made it, and he replied, “We went on vacation!”  Dad was always willing to do anything to support the family, and had the faith that we were always going to make it O.K.

SURVIVAL AND TIPS FOR LIVING. A big part of camping is the campfire.  There are different types of fires for different purposes.  Of course, a bigger fire is nice for groups having singing or discussions.  Smaller ones are for cooking.  When I took my college students camping in the Ozarks in Missouri, or canoeing in the Boundary Canoe Waters on the Canadian border of Northern Minnesota, or backpacking in the wilderness of the Colorado Rockies, I taught them many things about fires.  I often heard them repeating what I taught them:  “White man build big fire, stand way back, and burn food.  Indian build small fire, stand up close, cook real good food!”

I don’t think there is any better tasting food than fresh caught brook trout fried in a little butter, over a small fire!  To make sure your matches will not be wet, and will work very nice, dip them individually in melted paraffin and store them in plastic containers that pills come in.

Spend time in nature.  When I was park naturalist in Michigan I told the people, “There’s no better place to worship than in the place that He created.”  It’s way better than spending time in plushy pews looking at stained glass windows!  Research has proven that the songs of birds stimulate healthy tree growth.  I believe those songs make us more healthy, too.  The song sparrow is aptly named Melospiza melodia.   As I listen to the various songs I see those birds in my mind.   Yes, as my Indian friends say, “They are my relatives!”

‘Till next time, GREENSTONE

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Greenstone’s Perspectives #21

HISTORICAL.  Now we finish looking at the final blessing Israel gave to his sons.  We will cover the special blessing given to Joseph, which I will write out, and make some necessary comments as I do so.  (Genesis Chapter 49)

          “Joseph is a fruitful bough, even a fruitful bough by a well; whose branches run over the wall.”

Indeed, the tribe of Joseph would never face drought:  well watered and prospered in what he had done in Egypt, and what he would do wherever he went.  The ‘wall’ represents water –  the great barrier as is shown in Exodus 14:21-22, when Moses led them across the Red Sea, and the water stood as a ‘wall’!   See Exodus 14:21-22, also Nahum 3:8, Isaiah 16:8.

          “The archers have sorely grieved him, and shot at him, and hated him: abode in strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong by  the hands of the mighty God of Jacob; (from thence is the Shepherd, the stone ofIsrael:”)

Wherever he would go, he would be resented, and violence would be aimed at him, but God would always rule in his favor!

          “Even by the God of thy father, who shall help thee; and by the Almighty, who shall bless thee with the blessings of heaven above, blessings of the deep that lieth under, blessings of the breasts, and of the womb.”

Yes, indeed!  He will be, and is, blessed with spiritual things, even hidden and sunken things.  This would include treasures and ancient records, as you will see in future PERSPECTIVES.

His blessing would also include many, many healthy offspring – a tremendous population!

          “The blessings of thy father have prevailed above the blessings of my progenitors unto the utmost bound of the everlasting hills:  they shall be on the head of Joseph (Ephraim), and on the head of him that was separate from his brethren (Manasseh).”

This blessing extended even farther than the blessing that was given to Abraham for the land of Canaan, which was passed on to Isaac and to Jacob!  It would go over the ocean, and would go to a land of everlasting hills – indeed, America (North & South) is the ONLY place where the mountains extend from the tip (of Alaska) to the tip (of South America) = “everlasting”!

Remember, Manassah was born first, but Ephraim, though younger, was given the rule!  Manassah was to be the separate, but the two of them would come together in the last days. America, where Manasseh would come first, would eventually be ruled over by Ephraim when the Europeans came to America, then the two of them would finally join together.  The history of America has proven this to be true, and will be discussed more thoroughly in future PERSPECTIVES.

EXPERIENCES.  My mother was an unwed mother.  When she told my real father that she was pregnant, he sent her a check for $20 and a note that told her to “get rid of it!”  Because there was no social benefits for unwed mothers at that time (1930’s) she had to put me up for adoption.  So, I had a second father.  Soon after that, my third father, who was a real dad to me, met my mother, and soon was determined to marry her.

He was a man of faith.  When my mother (his girl friend) informed him that he would not want to marry her, because she had had a baby (me!) and if she ever had the chance to get me back, she would have me again, he informed her that he knew of the baby, and if she didn’t want me back, then he didn’t want her!

He told her that his parents were people of great faith, and the two of them would ask them for help. When they did, his parents, who lived in Greenville,Michigan, said they would fast and pray that somehow God would work it out and the baby would be returned.

A couple weeks later, my adoptive parents returned me, and the wife simply said, “We don’t want him anymore!”  The husband stayed in the car and wept!  When I was returned, the woman didn’t see my mother, but my mother saw her.  Years later, when my mother worked in a department store in Lansing,Michigan, she saw the woman who had returned me, and struck up a conversation with her.

The woman told her of a time she had adopted a baby, and she and her husband just loved him.  Then her doctor told her that he was retarded, and they would never be happy with him, and he ‘just happened’ to have a much better baby for them.  So they returned me, and raised the new baby, which, as he grew, caused them no end of trouble!

So, I was given to two wonderful people.  Life was very hard for them, but I never lacked for love.  They taught me about love, life, and nature.  I thank God for them, and Dad’s parents!

SURVIVAL AND TIPS FOR LIVING.  I get all kinds of communication (E-mail, etc.) about doom and gloom, that is and will happen.  People believe this stuff BECAUSE THEY HAVEN’T STUDIED WHAT GOD SAYS!  We see programs about DOOMSDAY PREPPERS and militia organizations, etc.  Many are storing up food and water supplies, guns, ammunition, preparing bunkers, and underground fortresses.  They may be making arrangements to go to some secret forest location, etc. They prepare and plan to kill anyone who comes near their homes.

Some people have said to me, “What are you going to do when someone comes to your place and wants your food?”  My reply is, “I’ll feed them!” Believe me, as a biologist, scientist, and researcher, I looked far, wide, and deep to find the answers.  And the scriptures have them, and they are detailed, clear, and simple! God has also shown me twice in special experiences that he will hide us, and can also bring those people to us that will assist in the work.

My job is to prepare those WHO WILL LISTEN to understand the ONLY way to not only come through the coming trials easily, but to prepare to enjoy the wonderful life NOW, and what is before us!

He is very clear that those who prepare to save their own life will lose it, and if we lose our life in His service, we will live!  See Matthew 16:25, and John 6:35.  And if He has servants to prepare His feast, then obviously they will be eating it, too!

On our own little farm, we raise beef cattle (The Lord himself ate beef! Genesis 18), and Nubian Dairy Goats (Solomon said we should drink goat milk. Proverbs 27:27), a large garden, and ponds for fish. The biggest struggle is that there is so much opportunity and not enough hands to do the work. Hopefully, the time will soon come that those WHO HAVE THE SKILLS will raise the chickens, develop the orchard, work the sawmill (which we have), and help manage the forest.

I do not say these things to boast, but to show the seriousness of being doers of His works.  (Matthew 7:21-28)  Indeed, He says if we work with the talents that He gives us, He will give us more talents!

Sometimes my writing is slow.  Our own blessings recently has added almost more work than we can handle.  So far, our 6 mature does (female goats) have given us 18 kids, which we hand raise! Caring for them, and bottle feeding them 3 times each day takes a lot of our time.  Normally, each doe produces 2 kids each year.  Our first one delivered four, one delivered 2, and the rest delivered 3 each – so they averaged 3 each.  Thankfully, they are all good producers, so the milk supply has been adequate!  Three more does are due to have kids in the next couple of weeks!

He does have a plan, and He gave it all in detail. See Mark 4:34 He did expound all things to His disciples!  Take your time to study the PERSPECTIVES thoroughly.  I have written them so they will add knowledge step by step until the way of the kingdom is clear, understandable, practicable, and enjoyable!


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Greenstone’s Perspectives #20


 HISTORICAL:  We are now working to wrap up the life of Israel.  We begin with Genesis Chapter 49.  We shall especially study the prophecies of Judah and Joseph.

We find at the first of Chapter 49 the following words: “And Jacob called unto his sons, and said, Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you which shall befall you in the last days. ….and hearken unto Israel your father.”  Did you notice that he is prophesying about our time:  the last days!   ‘Days’ is plural, meaning two or more!    The birth of Jesus Christ is the beginning of the last days;   the tremendous change in ‘religion’:   from the School Master Law of Moses that “killeth” to the Law of Christ that “giveth life”!  Much more on that when we get to those PERSPECTIVES later.

Speaking of Judah, verses 8 -12, he identifies the tribe of Judah as carrying the scepter (Kingship!), which they carried until the death of Zedekiah – the last King of High Line Judah.  The family line is then transferred to his daughter (because the last thing Zedekiah saw was his sons killed before his eyes were put out).  Jeremiah transported this High Line daughter to Low Line Judah who then married this Low Line King who was already in Ireland.  This combined High Line and Low Line together – healing the breech – and keeping the scepter in Judah’s family!  This was then to be maintained until Shiloh (Jesus Christ) would come, and “to him shall the gathering of the people be.” (see also Luke 1:30-33)

Christ was a descendent of King David, who was a descendent of Judah (see Matthew 1: 1-17).  We understand, then, that the promise of the Kingdom (King’s Dominion) was then taken from the Jews, and given to another tribe of Israel!   This is all clearly laid out in the parable found in Matthew 21: 33-45, which He said to the Jews, “The Kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.”  That nation, of course, IS Israel, most notably established in the North and West of Old Israel (clearly explained in the book, Judah’s Scepter and Joseph’s Birthright.  The power of Great Britain, (Joseph’s Ephraim), extends to America, (Joseph’s Manasseh), and as the PERSPECTIVES are fulfilled, you will see the promises fulfilled.

That ALL the Jews totally rejected him, and heaped judgment on themselves, is found in Matthew 27:17-31.  Notice the words “all the people ..said, His blood be upon us, and on our children.”  Thus the Jews rejected him, and He rejected them!  That judgment which began with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ at Jerusalem, will be triggered again in Jerusalem in the last days.  We read in Luke 21:20, “And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed (surrounded!) with armies (plural!), then know that desolation thereof is nigh.” As we look at the current situation, indeed we see that Jerusalem is in fact surrounded with hostile armies, AND THIS SITUATION IS O.K. WITH MUCH OF THE WORLD!  Yes, Jerusalem will be destroyed, and because America also contains the House of Israel, you can expect the destruction to be here also.  However, Jesus Christ has a plan for His people:  those who will heed His words!  The next PERSPECTIVE will detail the Land of Joseph.

EXPERIENCES.  I had dated many wonderful girls in my teen years.  Then came the time that I wanted to go to college.  I had worked at Ranney Refrigerator in Greenville, Michigan, and had saved up some money to go to college.  I believed it would be a great place to find a life-long companion that believed as I did.   At the last minute I succumbed to temptation and used my money to put a down payment on a good-looking Buick Hardtop, and postponed my college entrance from September to January.

I soon realized that my extra money wasn’t going into my college fund, but for gasoline, tires, insurance, etc.  I couldn’t resist the temptation of keeping that car on the road!  I was soon overwhelmed with the realization that I had ‘sold my birthright’ like Esau of old.  There was no way I would be able to go in January, the second semester.

Sometime in September I took my young uncle Tom, my Dad’s youngest brother, to Lansing to visit some girl friends.  On the way back, about midnight, I became very sleepy, and about 10 miles east of Greenville I went to sleep for an instant.  I awakened with a start as the car was going off the left side of the road. When I opened my eyes I was facing guard rails.  I had just enough time to say, “Tom, hold on!”  Then I said to myself, “God help me!”  I then heard the crunching and grinding of the car taking out 5 guard rails.  Then the most wonderful feeling swept over me and I felt surrounded by a peaceful mattress!  The car became airborne, and went end over end, twisting in the air so the front end was upside down and facing the other direction!!   It slid to a stop in the bottom of a gulley.  My feet were sticking out the passenger side window, and the top had mashed down and was just touching my shoes. My head was sticking out a little bit of the driver’s side, and the motor was running and I could hear gas gushing into the trunk.  I slithered out through the window, which was already down.  I remembered that Tom was somewhere, so I dove back into the car, and found the ignition which was now over my head, and turned off the motor.  Everything was a jumble, but I soon realized that Tom was not in the car.  I crawled back out of the car and walked back up to the road.  As I looked down at the wreckage in the moonlight, a voice spoke to me and said out loud, “Now you can go to college.”  I called several times for Tom, and he finally answered.  He was a little dizzy, but alright.  He was laying directly beyond the car in the grass and weeds. He had mowed down the vegetation, which broke his fall, and his back and shirt was grass-stained!  The insurance company paid off the car, and with the extra money left over I did go to college that next semester in January, where I met the life-long love of my life.  I am thankful to God that he spared my life, and brought her into my life.

SURVIVAL AND TIPS FOR LIVING.  I’m often amazed at the intuition that animals have.  One day I had left my shoes out on the porch, and when I went to get them, one shoe was missing!  Our young yellow Lab was quizzically looking at me, and I knew in his youthful playfulness that he was the culprit responsible for the missing shoe. I picked up the remaining shoe, and shook it at him, and said, “What did you do with my other shoe?  You go and get it right now!”  To this demand, he took off running and ran around behind the house, and came back with the other shoe!  He dropped it at my feet, wagged his tail, and sat down in front of me!  Our goats also amaze me with their intuition.  We learned several years ago to not say anything out loud about eliminating certain animals from our herd. When we said out loud, “We need to sell Miracle because she is not producing as much as the others,” Miracle became very sullen, and drew away from the herd! It’s sad to see the hurt that they seem to feel.  They can also respond in a comical way.  Buffy, was a good producer, and was easy to get along with, EXCEPT when she was in the milk stand.  Once in the stand she could not stand still. She would fidget and stamp her feet, and in about 2-3 seconds she would step in the milk bucket, and of course the milk would have to be thrown out!  One day our youngest son, Jeff, was milking Buffy, and I noticed that she was starting to twitch her hind legs.  I told Jeff to watch her because she was getting ready to step in the bucket. He leaned back a little bit, and whispered in her ear.  Buffy stiffened up and stood as still as a rock.  Jeff finished the milking easily. I was curious, and said to Jeff, “What did you say to her that caused her to stand so still?”  He said, “I just whispered in her ear, does the words ‘summer sausage’ mean anything to you?!”  Obviously, Buffy understood the seriousness of her situation!!

Until next time, Greenstone.

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Greenstone’s Perspectives #19


HISTORICAL.  The time has come to deal with the prophecies and blessings given by Israel to his sons. We begin by using Genesis Chapter 48.   In it we find that Joseph took his two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, to his father for blessings.   Though Israel is blind, he knowingly gives the dominant blessing to the younger son by placing his right hand on his head and his left hand on the older son, which would be opposite of tradition.

The names of the two sons also have spiritual meanings. Manasseh’s name means “I have forgotten my father’s house.”   Indeed, among the Native Americans today is the thought that they don’t know where they came from, and somewhere they lost their past.

Ephraim’s name means “I am fruitful in the land of my affliction.”  Indeed, when the House of Joseph, led by Ephraim, as shown in the book, JUDAH’S SCEPTER AND JOSEPH’S BIRTHRIGHT, went to the north and west of Europe and then to America and Australia (the land of Sinim?), they became the most prosperous and mighty of any people!

The two sons are given the place of the firstborn sons of Israel, because they saved the whole House of Israel:  hence the term “birthright blessing!”

While Manasseh was told he would be separated from his brethren, yet the time would come that they would come together in the last days in the “midst of the earth!”

Israel’s blessings to his twelve sons are continued in PERSPECTIVES #20.

EXPERIENCES.   Our middle son Joseph was born in Knoxville, Iowa, and a couple of weeks later we decided to move back to my home area of Michigan. We had hit hard times, and could not get a job for pay, and returned our car back to the finance company.   The company was pleased and told us because we had done it willingly, that our credit would remain good with them.   But, having no car left me with no transportation, I hitch-hiked alone back to Greenville, Michigan and stayed at my Grandparents home.

I called Barbara, who was at her folks in Iowa, and told her I was going to fast and pray each morning for a week so the Lord would help me get a job.   Barbara said she would do the same.

Each morning I would walk to different places seeking employment, then I would go back to my Grandparents home for dinner.   (Where I grew up we had breakfast, dinner, and supper. Other places we lived there was breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   I explained to a person that asked why I called the evening meal ‘supper’ rather than ‘dinner’, that Christ had the ‘last supper’ rather than the ‘last dinner’!)

When I got up the seventh day I knew that I only needed to go to one place to look for work.   When I went there, the manager said that a person had just quit and wanted to know if I could go to work right away!   My first job was to start part-time by washing windows.   I did the best I could do, as Israel’s son Joseph did, and was hired right away full-time.

I saved up my pay, and Barbara and our two boys were able to come to me in a couple of weeks!  Our prayers and fasting worked!

SURVIVAL AND TIPS FOR LIVING.   Ruffed Grouse are delicious eating. Where I grew up we called them ‘Pats’, short for ‘Partridge’.   They like to sit still and just let you walk on by, or they explode off the ground when you get next to them, and startle you so much that you will miss most of the shots.   I remember hunting ‘Pats’ with my dad.   We were hunting in a cedar swamp.  The brush was so thick that when the Pats roared away, it was just about impossible to get a good aim and shot off.

My dad had missed about a half-dozen shots.   I was standing about six feet away from him when he shot again.   He missed again, and shouted a curse, and wondered how he could have missed that one.   Suddenly we heard a crack, and an aspen tree about 4” in diameter fell between us. He had shot right through it! We got a good laugh from that one!

I observed soon after that if I would just walk a half-dozen steps, and then stand still about ten seconds, the Pat would get nervous, and stick its neck up and take a few steps. This movement was easy to see, and be able to get set to shoot.  I was able to provide much delicious meat on the table after that, and of course didn’t waste ammunition!

Happy hunting, GREENSTONE

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Greenstone’s Perspectives #18


HISTORICAL.   Continuing on with Joseph, we find a forgiving Joseph who recognized that his life, even being sold into Egypt by his brothers was a good thing!  In Genesis 45:5, he says, “.. for God did send me before you to preserve life.”   He continues on by telling them to go get their father, and their children and “flocks and herds, and all that thou hast.” ( v.10)

There were yet to be 5 years of famine, and Pharaoh commanded Joseph’s brothers to take wagons and provisions and go get Israel’s families, and “also regard not your stuff; for all the land of Egypt is yours.” (V.20)  Israel’s families, including Joseph and Asenath, his Egyptian wife, and his two sons totaled 70 people (46:10). They were given the land of Goshen, which was the best land, and were separated from the Egyptians because they had sheep (V.34)(46:6).

Joseph took all the money from the sale of grain to Pharaoh, then the people traded their livestock for grain, and finally they gave their liberty and their lands to Joseph (47:17-20) for grain.  Joseph then moved the people into cities, gave them seed to plant, and established a 20% tax (Vs. 24-26).  Israel lived to be 147 (V.28)

Joseph is a tremendous inspiration to me. From the time of his visions, when he was 17, to the time when he stood before Pharaoh at age 30, he had endured the threat of death by his brothers, the trauma of being ripped away from the family and land that he knew, sold as a slave, prospered his master’s duties, was accused of trying to molest his master’s wife, placed into prison for years, and again prospered his keeper, interpreted the dreams of the king’s butler and baker, and two years later stood before Pharaoh, the king (about 13 years after being sold into slavery by his brothers!).   Two years or more after that, he finally is reunited with the family, and the prophecies of his dreams are fulfilled!   More over, he prospered the ways of Pharaoh and was given great authority and power only exceeded by Pharaoh!  He was an organizer and motivator, and worked to be the best he could be in any situation, and for whomsoever he worked for, and his life was a great success!

Joseph is like a mentor for me.  I’ve been very successful in many occupations because I’ve tried to be the best I could be in any situation.  I cannot boast of being any great person, only of trying to live the Way of Christ:   The Way the Creator wants us to live!  I only wish I had recognized His Way much sooner.  Next PERSPECTIVE will deal with the blessings of Israel to his sons.

EXPERIENCES.  I had become a friend of the Chief of the Chicamauga Band of the Cherokee, and we had talked a number of times on the phone.  She had asked me to share my ideas and visions with her people, which I agreed to do.  She died before we could get together, but I honored her request at the next gathering.  She was a strong Christian, and I shared her thoughts and some of my ideas.  While standing before her people, I became aware of a young man that was paraplegic from an accident, and that I should visit with him.  That evening I went to visit with the family at their campfire.  I shared with them some of the miracles of healing I had witnessed and/or participated in.   I also shared with them the importance of praying and fasting for three days – that it was scriptural and mentioned many times in the Bible, and that God would always answer their concern.

They asked me to pray for him, so I placed my hands on his head and asked the Gracious Heavenly Father to give him a blessing.  It was communicated to me later that the family did fast and pray for him.  I received a call from his father-in-law several weeks later and he announced the good news!  The young man wanted to go to church, and when he got there he was late.  He walked in under his own power, and the congregation turned around and watched him walk in and down the isle.  They were astonished!  They cheered, and shouted praises, and cried for joy!  They were witnesses that he had received a miraculous blessing!

SURVIVAL AND TIPS FOR LIVING.  I had taken my college students backpacking in the mountains west of Denver.  We had hiked up above 11,000 feet, and had covered quite a few miles.  We had seen the beautiful scenery, a variety of wildlife, and I showed them how to find natural bait and catch mountain trout – both rainbow and brook trout. I taught them how to dress the fish and cook them over a small fire. Fresh trout cooked over an open fire, and eaten in the church that God created, is one of the greatest joys I can have.   I am thankful for that! We had many deep discussions about life, social and family problems, opportunities in their future, and the importance of handling responsibilities. We became a very close-knit group.

One day the weather turned quite warm and as we hiked along a mountain trail,  we were working up quite a sweat.  I said to them, “wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice milk shake right now, or even an ice cold slurpy? When you think about it you can just about feel that icy sweet drink going down your throat! I think I’ll fix one right now!”

At this point they all looked at me, and wondered what I was up to.  I put my pack down, reached in and got a container of orange drink powder (Tang), got out an aluminum drink glass, walked over to a snow bank, swiped off the top of the snow bank with my boot, scooped up a glass full of clean icy snow, poured some Tang on top, mixed it with my finger, and had a delicious ice cold orange drink! Instantly everyone was kicking snow banks, and scooping icy snow, and borrowing Tang!

Again, life was good!  GREENSTONE.

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